The Central Synod seeks to uphold the vision and fulfill the purposes of the broader Methodist Church of Southern Africa in our unique context and physical locations as we follow where Christ leads.

The vision of the MCSA, which the Central Synod holds as a guiding principle for all its work, is:

“A Christ healed Africa for the healing of nations”

We firmly believe that Christ can and does bring healing and transformation to individuals and have a shared vision of seeing Christ heal people’s hearts in our societies, circuits and our synod and then, as a consequence, to see healing come to our communities, our society, our nation and all the nations of the world.

Our priorities centre around the 4 imperatives of the MSCA’s vision:

1. A deepened spirituality as individuals and the Christian community
2. Justice and service in church and society
3. Evangelism and church growth to build up the people of God
4. Empowerment and development which gives dignity and purpose to the vulnerable

“God bless this Africa which is our home. Give us grace to follow Jesus the healer, Jesus the peacemaker, Jesus the Saviour of the world, Jesus the Lord of all life. Restore us and make your face shine on us that we may be saved.”