Courageous Faith: The faith to go back

God calls all those who follow Him to have faith – courageous faith – that dares to believe in Him and believe Him. Sometimes, this faith means going where God leads us, even when the road ahead isn’t clear, and sometimes, this faith means going back…

Moses and Peter are both good examples of this. We read in Exodus 3 that God called Moses back to Egypt to lead His people to freedom, but there was a reason Moses wasn’t living it up in a palace in Egypt and was rather chasing a bunch of sheep around a desert. He had run away because he was afraid and he had murdered someone. And yet, God calls him to go back – to return to the place he fled and to take up a role he didn’t want. It took incredible courage and faith for Moses to go back and face the Pharaoh, with whom he must’ve been acquainted from his former life growing up in the palace.


Similarly, we read the beautiful account of the restoration of Peter in John 21 where Peter comes back to meet with Jesus after His resurrection. Peter had denied Jesus just a short while before. He had failed Him in the worst possible way, denying that he even knew Him, and deserting him in his darkest hour. And yet, Peter had the courageous faith to go back that day when he was out fishing and saw Jesus on the shore. He lept off the end of the boat and raced to Jesus. Despite everything that had happened and all the betrayal and denial in the past, he had the courage to come back to Jesus and reach out to him… and that made all the difference. Peter was restored by Jesus and recommissioned to go and feed His sheep.


Perhaps today, God is calling you to go back to a place that is difficult for you… to go back to a broken relationship and seek to restore it; to go back and say you’re sorry and make amends; to go back and finish what He asked you to do? Will you have the courageous faith to go back?