A shocking revelation

In Ezekiel 37 (1-14) we read about a startling vision the prophet had as God opened his eyes to see that he was standing in a valley of dry bones: a valley filled with nothing but death and emptiness. As we look around our nation, we may feel like we see a similar vision – that we are standing in a valley of dry bones. Our nation is dry in many ways. Ephesians 2:1 reminds us that those who live separated from God are actually living dead in their trespasses. Spiritually, as Christ followers, we are the alive, living among the dead. We stand in a valley of death, but just like there was hope for the fallen in Ezekiel’s vision, there is hope for those around us.


Christians should not live in a state of passivity in which we are comfortable to simply co-exist with the “dead” around us.  Jesus gave us two very important commandments: to love others and to make disciples. The Early Church was anything but passive, and so in Acts 2:47 we read that God added daily to their number and that the community around them loved the church. Can this be said of us?


The world is in need of a Saviour. Our nation, and all the nations of the world, are desperately in need of love and grace. The spiritually dead are not free. They are trapped in their sin and transgression. We must let this sink into our hearts and be moved out of our apathy to action. We have a solemn responsibility to do something about the valley of dry bones in which we stand. We all have the responsibility to speak the word of God in whatever capacity we can and wherever we find ourselves. There is no distinction between the sacred and the secular – everywhere is an opportunity to bring God’s life-giving Spirit. Imagine if every organisation, business, classroom, school, and individual represented Jesus in their sphere of influence?


The Spirit gives life and God is the God of resurrection. We have to allow the brokenness and dryness of the world to break our hearts – to see the world and people through God’s eyes, and then we have to ask God’s Spirit to breathe life into us so that we can be ministers of that Spirit to others.


Let the bones live!